Contemporary Singer/Songwriter

Rudy's Songwriting


Throughout his life Rudy has written poignant songs of love and redemption that touch upon universal truths. His first CD releasegLove in the Fourth Degreefillustrates his skillful musical storytelling and firmly established him as a member of the songwriting community. Inspired by his friend, original Eagles guitarist Bernie Leadon, and songwriters such as Donovan and Bob Dylan, Rudy's songs are directly from the heart. Musicians such as Jimi Hendrix and Mike Pinder, whom he was fortunate to meet, have also inspired him.

The Early Years


Born in Fresno, California, Rudy first came to the islands in 1961 living on Oahu's north shore them came to Maui on a surfing safari. It's been his home ever since. Maui was less populated and more serene in those years. He lived in an old Lahaina house called the Playhouse, where CSNY were known to stay. It was a hub of the island's musical life and perfect for him. As Maui began to be discovered Rudy had the opportunity to meet and play with inspiring musicians, during which time he blossomed as a songwriter.

A Note From Rudy


Aloha! My debut CD "Love in the Fourth Degree" was two decades in the making. I share with you songs of life's experiences which reflect on my personal journey. I give thanks to the muse for returning into my life. I am honored to share my music with all of you. Many talented artists gave their all to this project and I extend my thanks to them as well. Special thanks go out to my loving family, my sons Nick and Ethan and my daughter Jenna. A big thanks to my musical mentor Debi Scarpel. I now split my time between Maui and Kauai` and have begun work on my second album.

Aloha from Paradise!